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Who Is Called Co Sister In Law

One's brother-in-law or sister-in-law's sister; that is, one's sibling's spouse's sister (one's sister's husband's sister or one's brother's wife's sister). (in the plural). (uncommon) One's brother-in-law or sister-in-law's brother; that is, one's sibling's spouse's brother (one's sister's husband's brother or one's brother's wife's.

auntie · brother-in-law · co-brother · daughter-in-law · father-in-law · godfather · godmother · godparent · godson · in-law · step · stepbrother · stepchild · stepdad. co-sister-in-law(Noun). One's husband's brother's wife; or more generally one's spouse's sister-in-law, the sister of one spouse in relation to the siblings of the. "Sister-in-Law" whis is the sister of one's husband or wife, the wife of one's brother, the wife May be that's why they are called as "Co-sisters".

The spouses should be either 'wifes brothers/sisters wife/husband' or gone out of the window nowadays and they are generally all called B-in-Law or . brother- in-law's wife is referred to as “co-sister” or “co-sister-in-law”.

For other uses, see Brothers in Law (disambiguation) and Sisters in Law ( disambiguation). Jesse · Nitzevet · Saul · Kasey · David · Michal · Jonathan · David and Jonathan, sworn friends and confidants, became brothers-in-law when David for a male non-blood sibling, and sister-in-law or co-sister-in-law for a female. However the terms co-brother-in-law and co-sister-in-law are sometimes used for this in English, but they are generally used when translating. the husband of your husband's sister, or of your wife's sister · co-brother. noun noun. the wife of your brother. The husband of your sister is your brother-in-law.

The term "co-brother-in-law" is apparently used by some authors as .. In that vein, I called her sister-in-law even before I married my husband.

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