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Whats The Story Jerry Thats The Story

Jerry Rosenberg (pitchman) Beginning in , Rosenberg appeared in a series of advertisements for JGE that started with the off-screen line "What's the story, Jerry?" and ended with another off-screen line "So that's the story, Jerry," in which he would reply in his trademark accent "That's the story!". 16 Aug - 30 sec - Uploaded by Mike Gardner was the start of the catch phrase for these well-loved NY commercials In the mid's.

8 Sep - 2 min - Uploaded by danieljbmitchell Time magazine ran a story on the store featured in this commercial: At first the Rosenbergs.

by: David PolinchockGrowing up on Long Island, there was a store that I think was called JGE's. Long before Costco, it was warehouse. Owner Jerry Rosenberg appeared in his own ads, and his taken from a line that Richard Castellano kept asking “So Jerry, what's the story?. The city's Department of Consumer Affairs has decided that Gerald Rosenberg, of “Hey Jerry, what's the story?” television ‐ commercial fame.

Jerry Carroll, the high-energy pitchman for the electronics chain, was Mr. Spero said, but that was what the Crazy Eddie commercials were.

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