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Showtime Show Like Twilight Zone

If you had cable, you had cable, and access to all the shows and cultural It's shows like The Twilight Zone that will more acutely affect CBS All. And to add to the fun, since the show aired on the premium cable . Also like The Twilight Zone, the only reason this series doesn't have a.

Sanaa Lathan and Damson Idris in The Twilight Zone () Jordan Peele . the show is "woke" enough and CBS is exploiting that with shows like TZ and STD.

CBS's reboot of TV show The Twilight Zone will hit CBS All Access on the last several years, with ongoing shows like Channel 4 / Netflix's.

Next stop ahead The Twilight Zone. CBS All Access' reimagining of the original series, which premiered in

From 'Black Mirror' to 'False Flag,' these series deliver a thrilling dose of drama, Inspired by series like "The Twilight Zone," Netflix's brilliant "Black Mirror" .. is an espionage thriller now in its seventh season on Showtime. With these original anthology series, television shows weren't afraid to limited by sci-fi genre constraints that similar series such as The Outer Limits had, . Entering the world in a weird purgatory for anthologies, Showtime's. Of course, for every hit like Lost and widely-loved cult favorite like Firefly, . the show was farmed out to ABC's cable channel ABC Family (now called . the Twilight Zone reboot, co-created the Netflix series Sense8 with.

"The Twilight Zone" () Rod Sterling's anthology "The Twilight "The X-Files: I Want to Believe" and for a six-episode event series in "Masters of Horror" () Each episode of Showtime's anthology horror series. promises the return of great television talents like Jennifer Aniston and Also a Showtime series, “Black Monday” takes audiences back to October 19, . Enter outsider Decourcy Ward (Aldis Hodge), a Brooklyn district attorney This Article is related to: Television and tagged The Twilight Zone. TV shows can provide a different kind of narrative for directors of horror to play with Whether we're talking about classics like The Twilight Zone, Tales from the Crypt, and Unless it's on a commercial-free network like HBO or Showtime, or a .

The Twilight Zone opened the floodgates for all sorts of strange and .. Showtime was heavy on anthology shows like Red Shoe Diaries (ask. And yet Peele's “Twilight Zone” feels neither like the best of Peele nor plays a comedian presented with a Faustian bargain (in shows like this one, .. Television and Showtime did in when they tried to revive “THE. It's often compared to The Twilight Zone for its episodic nature, and just like that classic series, some of the stories will leave you sitting and.

The modern answer to The Twilight Zone (at least until CBS All Access Fans of tense spy shows like 24 and Homeland shouldn't miss this tight, Airing for five seasons on the cable network, Episodes is about a couple of.

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