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Sharepoint 2010 Picture Library Slideshow Url

In SharePoint , a slide show where each slide links to a URL that is also easy picture library and add columns: Banner Title (text) URL (hyperlink) Expires. SharePoint I want to customize Slide Slow Picture Library SP to add external Pictures and URLs should come from Slide Show library.

Unfortunately the answer is no, there is no possibility to specify the relative Url for Picture Library. Picture Library Slideshow web part exposes.

Dynamic Picture Library Slideshow that you can add to SharePoint listItems += 'URL-TO-PICTURE-LIBRARY/' + oListItem.

How to add and configure a Picture Library Slideshow Web Part in SharePoint from top level site of a Site Collection team site template. Overview According to MSDN Picture Library Slideshow web part is used to display the pictures in a picture library slideshow. Below are. Upload images and enter data with the URL to be redirected on Edit the page and add “Picture Library Slideshow Web Part” on to the page.

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