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Professional Sports Players Who Smoke

Top 15 Athletes That Smoke. 15 Dimitar Berbatov. via 14 Shane Warne. via 13 Anna Kournikova. via 12 Dion Phaneuf. via 11 Darren Clarke. via 10 Ashley Cole. vias 9 Kaarsten Braasch. via 8 Ricardo Mayorga. These former athletes quit smoking to save their lives--and their careers. Why do you think that so many professional athletes struggled to quit smoking?.

So here's a reality check: Professional athletes smoke weed. Indeed, the overwhelming majority of them do, according to new player estimates. In an era where weed is becoming increasingly legal, there are plenty of professional athletes that smoke weed. Pro athletes are figured to be some of the healthiest humans in the world -- but even they aren't immune from nasty habits.

When we think of professional athletes, smoking isn't usually one of the things that we associate with them. After all, the habit isn't usually the. Yes, there are many. Quite a number of cricketers are known to smoke cigarettes usually off ground, there was once when a cricketer was. SMOKING is bad. But that hasn't from doing it. Here we count down the 20 best players who have been partial to a puff. Sport · Football.

Considering how important physical fitness is for professional athletes, it's surprises many to learn that their favorite athletes actually enjoy the.

Still, there are plenty of athletes who smoke weed, or that have smoked Here is a list of the five most impressive athletes who've had major.

With cannabis still being illegal in a majority of states, most athletes are afraid of publicly talking about using cannabis. Even further, many of the professional. Former NBA, NFL athletes estimate marijuana use among players is .. he believes “85% of the league” smoked marijuana during his career. Retired tight end Martellus Bennett estimates 89% of NFL players smoke marijuana, A.J. Perez, USA TODAY Sports Published p.m. ET April 11,

Pro athletes can't smoke weed even if it's legal in their state of residence. Learn more about the rules in professional organizations like the NBA.

Here are eight of the greatest former football players who smoke cigars Being a 5-time Pro-bowler and also coaching the second greatest.

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