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How To Expunge Record Nj

an order for expungement is granted, the adult arrest, the record of law The New Jersey expungement law states in detail who is eligible for an expungement . Generally, the following steps would occur when expunging your criminal record in New Jersey: Obtain Criminal Records. Draft, Notarize, and File the Expungement Petition. Serve the Filed Expungement Petition. Attend Appearance (if necessary). Serve Expungement Order.

By Rebecca Everett | For If you've ever tried to get convictions expunged from your criminal record and found out you don't qualify, you might now be in. How to Expunge Your Criminal Record in New Jersey. If you have a criminal conviction in New Jersey, you can have it expunged by filing a. eligible to expunge your record and fill out forms online. . New Jersey's expungement law is to provide a fresh start to those who have a few.

Want to expunge your New Jersey criminal record? We offer a New Jersey expungement service as well as a fast and free online expungement eligibility test. In New Jersey, your criminal record may be expunged—that is, erased or sealed —under the circumstances described below. If your record is expunged, it is. Adult criminal records in New Jersey normally cannot be sealed, outside the context of expungements. However, a special process does exist for sealing records.

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