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How To Do Cover Copy Compare Spelling

Procedures: Here are the steps of Cover-Copy-Compare for spelling or sight words: 1. Students can acquire foreign-language vocabulary via Cover-Copy-. Cover-Copy-Compare (CCC) is an academic intervention for students to use, Study the spelling or sight word (model words written by teacher) that appear in the left This strategy can be more effective if the teacher has the student respond.

CCC Spelling: Spelling worksheets with spelling words ( for grades Cover, Copy, and Compare (CCC) is a self-managed intervention that can be. [Teacher] Create a Cover-Copy-Compare Spelling Sheet. The teacher selects up to 10 The teacher can then apply this standard for mastery to identify and log. 25 Oct - 3 min - Uploaded by Jim Wright Cover-Copy-Compare promotes acquisition of math facts and spelling words: The student.

11 Mar - 3 min - Uploaded by chickenlittle Spelling strategy.

When to use: Cover, Copy, Compare (CCC) can be used to strengthen accuracy and fluency with spelling for students who demonstrate a weakness in these.

instruction can produce improved spelling of words in context. Cover, copy, and compare (CCC) is a strategy that has been used to improve accuracy and. Using Cover-Copy-Compare Worksheets for Student Review: the page with an index card and to spell the word in the space on the right of the sheet. Q: How do I respond if the student simply copies the correct answers from the models. Keywords: autism, cover, copy, compare, spelling, self-contained classroom, non- concurrent multiple thinking skills and teaches skills that can increase.

Keywords: cover, copy, and compare, spelling, high school students with can reduce letter grades and the acquisition of subject-matter competence. (Graham .

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