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How Skateboarding Originated

Origins. Skateboarding began in California in the 's when surfers wanted something to surf when the waves were flat (they called it " sidewalk. Several people have claimed to have invented the skateboard first, but nothing can be proved, and skateboarding remains a strange.

Then in , Alan Gelfand invented a maneuver that gave skateboarding another revolutionary jump: The “Ollie”, which counts as the greatest trick ever. The skateboard is made from roller skates attached to a board. This is really where it all New tricks are invented daily—aerials, inverts, and the ollie. The Origins of Skateboarding - Skateboarding history began in the 50s when kids started riding modified scooters. Learn about skateboarding origins and why.

Skateboarding is a relatively modern sport—it originated as "sidewalk surfing" in the United States—particularly California—in the s. In the polyurethane wheel was invented. These grippy and durable wheels allowed for a lot of control and higher speeds than in early skateboard history. Another revolutionary moment for skateboarding occurred in , when Alan Gelfand invented a skateboarding trick called the 'Ollie' (Adelman, 2). This trick is .

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