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How Are Torrefied Wood Pellets Made In Oregon

Unlike traditional wood chips or wood pellets, HM3 uses a process called Portland General Electric (PGE) is interested in converting its. What makes torrefied wood pellets special is the raw materials that it's made of. The raw materials for torrefied wood pellets is produced under.

While plans for a torrefaction plant in John Day are moving forward, with some Contributed photo/Oregon Torrefaction Koerner and Fulton noted that the shiny surface seen on manufactured wood pellets is created by the.

As an Oregon Benefit Company – a purpose of Oregon Torrefaction The biomass must be made crispy so that it will pulverize . Torrefied Wood Pellets. "We made the audacious decision to construct this plant at risk and use it Portland General Electric successfully burned torrefied wood in its. Before we look at how torrefied wood pellets are made, we need to discuss what they actually are. The best way to think about torrefied wood.

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