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Ayaka Why Chords Avril

Why by ayaka transcribed by: nck_ami Standard tuning. *Note: The, "C G AM EM F "jiyuu na hito wa " starts and as seen at the end; they aren't the exact chords. Avril Lavigne - Why ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Tabbed by Charles de la Cruz (http ://) Tuning - Standard tuning with Capo on 2nd fret.

Why by Ayaka chords. One clean accurate version. No abusive ads. Recommended by The Wall Street Journal.

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This is a guitar cover of Ayaka's "Why" song by Yazan Markabi. With this two part tutorial you can learn how to read tabs, chords and notes for the guitar. .. Learn how to play "I Can Do Better" by Avril Lavigne, an acoustic guitar tutorial.

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