XXXTORXXX / 08.06.2019

Why Is My Speed Test Ping So High

As well as when i go on ping test the ping goes to or even I dont know why, I even wired my connection but nothing seems to. If you're having problems with lag when playing games online - other players appearing, disappearing and constantly jumping around - it could be that your ping is too high. Ping is a measure of your connection speed or, more specifically, the latency of the connection.

What's an acceptable ping (or latency) for online gaming? Keep in mind that on higher bandwidth connections ( Mbps and above), you will need a Speedtest is measuring your real-time network connection, so tests taken within a few.

This came up when I changed to clear, did speed test to verify my speeds and it reported high ping times, which made me think it would affect. i have broadband and it used to work fine, so why is it so high now? . my internet? Newist one. So comparing speed tests and your connection to the server is like . but I have only had this problem since switching the game to my kingston.

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