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Who Plays Jake The Dog Adventure Time

"Jake the Dog" is the second episode in the fifth season of Adventure Time. Jake continues to watch the consequences of Finn's wish within the Time Room with Prismo. Jake wishes for a sandwich, but Prismo urges him to use his wish on something important, such as helping Finn. Jake (full title: Jake the Dog), the deuteragonist of Adventure Time, dog years," and ages throughout the series, though he rarely acts mature.

Jake the Dog (voiced by John DiMaggio) is a main character in the American animated television series Adventure Time together as seen in "Jake the Dad". He is quite skilled at playing the viola, which houses a worm called Shelby. With Jeremy Shada, John DiMaggio, Tom Kenny, Hynden Walch. Following the unexpected consequences of Finn's cosmic wish it's up to the Jake -- and his. John DiMaggio might be the greatest voice actor of our generation. He's Bender on Futurama, Jake on Adventure Time, Aquaman on Batman: Brave and he responds: "At least I didn't go out like Fry's dog, that's something.".

Adventure Time: “Finn The Human”/“Jake The Dog” . has confidence in his bro and wants to see how Finn's wish plays out before he uses his. The character is voiced by John Dimaggio, who also plays Bender from Futurama , and the voice actor imbues the 30+ year-old dog with a. It's Adventure Time! Play free online games from the show! Adventure Time with Finn & Jake is only on Cartoon Network.

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