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What Is One Atmosphere Of Pressure Quizlet Vocabulary

Terms in this set (49). wind. a natural movement of air outside often due to differences in air pressure. absorb (v.) to draw in (heat, light, energy, etc.) air pollution. Vital functions of the atmosphere include the following: ◦keeps Earth's temperature steady and habitable ◦protects from ultraviolet radiation ◦protects from.

Air Pressure. the force exerted by the weight of a column of air above a given point. Barometer. an instrument that measures atmospheric pressure. Pressure. Weather/Atmosphere Vocabulary study guide by cariwattssavage includes 40 questions covering An instrument that measures air pressure in the atmosphere. one of galileo's pupils, who disagreed with galileo's theory that air did not have weight in the natural atmosphere, he discovered that vacuums don't suck.

Start studying Ch. 15 Vocabulary- Air Pressure. Learn vocabulary, terms the lowest layer of the atmosphere, the one directly above the ground. Stratosphere.

Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. unit of measurement for air pressure; stp is 1 atmosphere. Barometer. Start studying Vocabulary 2- atmospheric pressure. The weight or object of a column of air over an object, at sea level one ATM is pounds per square. The column of mercury in the tube is stopped from falling beyond a certain point because the atmosphere exerts a pressure on the surface of the mercury outside .

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