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What Is An Equilibration Period

The traditional definition of equilibration is the total time during which, spermatozoa remain in contact with glycerol before freezing. Introduction - Materials and Methods - Results - Discussion. Compared to natural selection, the use of artificial insemination (AI) and other reproductive technologies rapidly increase the rate of genetic.

Equilibration definition, to balance equally; keep in equipoise or equilibrium. See more.

PDF | On Jan 1, , N. Ramachandran and others published Effect of equilibration periods on post-thaw semen quality of Jamunapari bucks.

Abstract: A series of sequential experiments were carried out to determine optimum diluents, cryoprotectants, equilibration time, and thawing temperature for. Looking for online definition of equilibration in the Medical Dictionary? EMG, and JVA technology which is quantifying of occlusal forces against time has. Why do I need to equilibrate my samples for such long time periods before measurement with the SDR? Temperature is an important factor in oxygen and pH.

In recent years, regulators have requested that compound-specific equilibration periods be defined prior to organism exposure, as opposed to using default.

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