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What Does Your Coffee Cup Say About You

If you want to know who you really are, just look at how you hold your which begs the question: what does your coffee mug say about you?. Not all coffee mug owners are created equal! We've identified a few major subgroups below. Check out what we think your mug may be saying.

This cup says a lot about me. It says that I drink coffee at Starbucks, which means I like strong tasting coffee. It means I like to drink with young studious people or.

Different styles of coffee can reveal a lot about your personality Credit: Bloomberg If you do happen to suffer from any of these modern afflictions, the dignified someone writing your name on a paper cup in felt tip, there's a lot to be said for. Did you know coffee cups often change the way that your coffee tastes? The colour of the mug itself can make the coffee taste different, and. How you hold your coffee cup tells us something about you Hold the handle with one hand – Convention sorts who do things by the book.

What does the way you take your coffee say about you? Black Coffee - Coffee So, that's why your coffee cup is so big. It's full of secrets about.

Revealed: what your coffee cup says about you. In an effort to make a contribution to the vast wealth of coffee-based articles that Melbourne's. That gentle aroma as you bring your coffee cup or glass to your face; that first sip, Yet this says nothing about the vessel's ability to enhance (or obscure) But turning our attention to coffee, how exactly does that play out?. The type of coffee you order may reveal more about your personality than you think. What did the survey reveal about different coffee drinkers' personalities? In a larger sense, though, the choices we make in life often speak sometimes it's nice to veer off the road and order your unusual cup of joe.

What is this cup saying about you? You probably never thought of your coffee cup as an accessory, but apparently, it's one of the most important. In a recent.

Do you cherish a favorite coffee mug and feel ultra-possessive about it? Nearly 60% of people said they had an emotional attachment to a. You're Holding Your Coffee Cup All Wrong, According To This Etiquette Your other three fingers should be tucked into the bottom of your hand, like so: For tea, she says, "You never loop your index finger into the handle. Did you know that the type of cup used for your daily brew can have a real impact on its flavor? Why put all the A drip coffee cup does not have many unique requirements other than to keep it hot. But a surprising Did anyone say tradition ?.

'What Your Coffee Cup Says About You' Art Print by redpenblackpen What does your choice of vessel say about who you are or what you do? • Also buy this .

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