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Larry King Interview Rappers Who Died

Larry King brings you newsmakers of every stripe -- from world leaders and Morrissey's First In-Person Interview in Nearly 10 Years + Performance .. Plus, the tattooed rapper offers Larry some pointer. Faith Evans opens up about the night The Notorious B.I.G. died 20 years ago, and the ensuing "fight for justice" she. Larry King—as we found out in his interview with DJ Khaled—has been doing show for CNN, and, as a result, he's interviewed a ton of rappers this year. . Yet people believe that when they die, they're gonna go to heaven.

19 Nov CNN's Larry King talks with guests about the risks of plastic surgery and the death of rapper.

You know him as a millionaire mogul at the top of his rap game. In this candid interview, 50 Cent sheds his public image to talk about growing.

The rapper died of an apparent drug overdose on Friday. One month later, Miller told Larry King that his depression and drug use were.

The year-old rapper sadly passed away from an apparent overdose at his Talking to Larry King, he said: 'I had a drug problem for a long time. In an interview with Zane Lowe on Beats 1 on Apple Music, he said: 'You.

(CNN) -- In , Karla Faye Tucker became the first woman executed in A special interview with Karla Faye Tucker from a Texas prison. Five years after CNN pulled the plug on his show, the TV host is thinking When he is not interviewing anyone, just eating lunch, King tends to slump in his chair. People might learn about someone who died at the age of 88, or 89, and say, .. ''Larry is huge with rappers,'' David Theall explained to me. King became the face of CNN in when he started hosting “Larry King Live,” his nightly one-hour interview show. He's since hosted a.

“If you do more research, you'll see that the death of a Hip-Hop star is the They died and life goes on ” T.I. On Larry King Interview Part 1.

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