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How To Install Headers On Silverado

If I made it this far, anyone can! The actual installation of the long tube headers ( for me) was much easier than getting all those old rusty exhaust. Ive already called around shops and gotten quotes for install/labor only .. I put a set of the OBX headers on my 05 silverado and ran them for.

For those that have installed long tubes, any tips? How long did it take you? I should be receiving mine sometime this week. Thanks in advance. I have never installed headers on a newer truck but I have on numerous older vehicles. The best advice I can give you is after you torque the. to Install Gibson /8 in. Performance Headers - Stainless on your Silverado INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS FOR GIBSON SHORTY HEADERS GP

GM Engine & Exhaust Performance - installing long tube headers - i have a sliverado l 4x4 that i ordered a set of pacesetter long.

Thanks for purchasing Stainless Works Muscleflow Headers for your Chevy or GMC. Truck. We have gone to great pains to make sure that our exhaust systems .

We take some help from Kooks Custom Headers install to put a pretty pair of wieldy headers on our short-bed Silverado 2x4. - GM High-Tech.

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