crabcrutop / 31.08.2019

Why Does Everyone Ban Malphite

Really, the ammounts of Malphite bans is the biggest i have seen from ADC mains are crying as they can't solo anyone anytime" patch), but it. I remember Kassadin was once always banned but not anymore, but Malphite seems By this logic everyone should be afraid of Sona's ult.

Now that everyone has found out how great malph is agian. Hes now the old amumu of the elo. I finally find a new champ to climb.

What do you do when you get banned from the very game you've played in According to Dunkey's video, he labeled Malphite "a fucking.

Champion Select. Pick. "Rock solid." Ban. "You will lose." Malphite OriginalCircle Original Malphite MechaCircle Mecha Malphite OdysseyCircle Odyssey.