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What Is The European Unions Motto

United in diversity' was adopted as the European Union's motto in Learn more here. In varietate concordia is the official motto of the European Union (EU), adopted in Its translations in the other 24 official languages of the EU have equal.

It's inspired by a Latin-language motto by Nobel prize winner Ernesto The European Union motto was translated into all 23 official.

This subject file looks at the history and meaning of the five symbols of the European Union: the flag, the anthem, the motto, the currency and Europe Day.

The official motto of the European Union is, Aontaithe san Éagsúlacht. There are in fact 23 other versions of this admirable sentiment, all of. of Europe as a union. Mottos are formulated by many social actors, such as royalties or businesses. Before approaching the content of the EU motto, one should. Set up in the wake of two terrible world wars, the EU has succeeded in keeping the peace on the continent. Why would we want to jeopardise.

One component of the strategy for promoting a Presidency of the Council of the European Union is represented by the motto (the slogan) that the Member State.

"United in diversity", that´s the motto of the European Union! The EU Bookshop allows you to discover that and much more. It's an online bookshop, library and.