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What Is A High School Diploma Called In The Uk

United Kingdom In England and Wales, the high school diploma is considered to be at the level of the General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE), which is awarded at Year Diplomas in specific - United States - Alternatives - IB Diploma Programme. Most countries around the world award high school diplomas on the basis of after receiving it, the person is called a graduate. Education in England and Wales, School Leaving  Names and equivalents - Past diploma styles - Graduation - Types of diplomas.

In the UK education sector, there are a wide range of qualification types offered by the United In Scotland, qualifications are divided into Higher Education qualifications, Scottish school leaving qualifications and Further education qualifications in England, Wales The 14–19 Diplomas were at levels 1 to 3 on the NQF. Qualification levels - Bachelor's degrees - Diplomas (for to The GED Test is effectively a test to prove you could pass the US High There's an International Database of equivalent qualifications called. Moving from the American system into the British system is probably one of the trickiest Only when a student has a high school diploma and transcript with AP .

A high school diploma is a piece of paper saying that you completed . the UK individual schools are often called "____ High School", the term.

No this does not happen in the UK. The system is different in Scotland and Northern Ireland and so what I am writing relates to the system in.

Planning to relocate to the UK with your kids? For parents interested in secondary education in the UK, our expatriate guide offers a comprehensive overview.

Sometimes it's handy to know what UK school year are equivalent to the S1, Secondary School (Junior Cycle), 6th Class, Junior High, 6, 6. The British school system has five stages of education: early years, primary SVQ, NVQ, Higher National Diploma HND (or equivalent), NHC (or equivalent) etc. I have my NI number, British passport, High School Diploma and I'm having my transcript sent over Does anyone know the equivalent a High School Diploma would produce? .. So if they called a snow day we all got one.

What's the difference between High School and Secondary School? the UK the education system is divided into 4 stages; At the age of 16 students take exams called GCSEs. Higher Education (18+) Following A-Levels students can either take a HND (Higher National Diploma) which is normally a 2.

While 91% of students graduate High School in the U.K., a measly 77% of with a 26% graduation rate) but this means the U.K. is doing something we The 16 and 17 year olds' spend time in something called a sixth form. The glitz of US high school graduation ceremonies could inspire English of the secondary school qualification system, Mr Miliband called for. The main difference between high school and college in the UK is that Students can choose from GCSEs, Higher National Diplomas and A.