nicole_03 / 21.06.2019

Scandal Show Interview

The cast and Crew of Scandal often give interviews with the daytime, late night shows and press interviews to promote the series. We've collected some. 'Scandal' Series Finale: How Shonda Rhimes Left Her Mark on TV (and When ABC's Scandal signs off Thursday after seven seasons.

[This story contains spoilers from the series finale of ABC's Scandal, .. for full coverage of the series finale, including interviews with the cast.

The ABC show Scandal is ending its seventh and final season. COLUMBUS SHORT: (As Harrison Wright) This is a job interview? LOWES.

“In the life of the show, I have gotten married and had kids and started a Scandal star Kerry Washington is seen here during an interview with.

The Scandal cast shares their favorite moments The series opens with a fast- paced job interview, where Harrison (Columbus Short) asks.

At the end of Scandal's second season, we learned that Olivia Pope's dad is What's it like to be on a show that has so many twists and turns?. As “Scandal” heads toward its finale, Shonda Rhimes, the show's creator, tool in my acting toolbox to not weep through this entire interview. He made the denial in his first media interview since the scandal messages he had exchanged with friends for "bluffing" and to "show off.".