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E Se Domani Testo Mario Biondi This Is What You Are

If Lyrics: Look around / Time is fast / Take your time / Believe in who you are / Don 't be afraid / Take another day Mario Biondi I know it's over (e se domani). I know it's over. You said it's over for me. And you. Just for a moment. My heart surrended to. Someone new. How can you leave me. When you still need me.

Leggi il testo completo di This Is What You Are di Mario Biondi su The song E se domani was written by Giorgio Calabrese and Carlo Alberto Rossi and was An adaptation is a musical work which uses most of the music or lyrics of another musical work. If You Should Leave Me · Harry Middlebrooks , September , First release I Know It's Over · Mario Biondi, November 6, Mario Biondi - Discografia Completa con tutti gli album in ordine cronologico di uscita e i Testi delle On A Clear Day (you Can See Forever) E Se Domani.

Mario Biondi. All the songs for Mario Biondi on Song Service: Ton.: Bb. I Chose You · Mario Biondi. € Mp3. Custom Mp3 Midi. BPM: Ton.: E. I Know It's Over (E Se Domani) · Mario Biondi. € Mp3 Testo Originale Inglese. Mario Biondi - "I Know It's Over" / "If" - (OFFICIAL) -E SE DOMANI Mario Biondi - Do You Feel Like I Feel (Lyric Video)12 jam sessions · chords. B E A C# F#m C#m D F C Am Gm A# Dm Cm] ➧ Chords for Mario Biondi - "I Know It's Over" / "If" - (OFFICIAL) -E SE DOMANI ENGLISH- with capo.