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Where To Go Metal Detecting In Ny

New York is such a great place to go metal detecting. New York State has several beaches that attract lots of people throughout the year. Metal Detecting activities are restricted to open areas (other than the areas listed in Paragraph 8 to: City of New York Parks & Recreation, 5th Ave., Room , New York, NY Applicant shall not go into any closed beach areas.

For metal detecting in New York State parks and their beaches, you need to check with each parks division. Special permitts are needed if you plan to detect any.

Treasure Hunting with Rodney (Story 7): Metal Detecting at Various Hunt Metal Detecting at Various Hunt Sites In Upstate New York New York State Map. It's not easy to know where to begin, so to help in your quest for lost treasure here's a list of the best places to go metal detecting!. New York State Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation. METAL DETECTOR PERMIT. COST: $. TO: PATRON'S NAME. STREET ADDRESS. CITY .