hodak / 02.10.2019

What Is A 404c Notice

c. Section c of the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of (ERISA) is a specific section that addresses an employee's ability to direct all investment related decisions for their own retirement accounts. One may ask why an employee would want to direct his/her own retirement account. Section (c) is a specific part of this law that permits employees to direct the investment of their own retirement accounts. Section (c) may be poorly understood by some employers and employees and may be too vague to give reliable relief from plan liability for employee.

The specific requirements to obtain Section (c) protection are set forth in a for the plan to notify participants that the plan intends to comply with ERISA.

If a retirement plan meets the requirements of ERISA section (c), no plan A notice that the plan intends to comply with ERISA (c) and.

plan met the (c) participant disclosures, it would be considered an “ERISA Section (c) plan”, and it would . in a–f above, the plan must provide notice of . The plan sponsor must provide annual written notification to participants with its intent to comply with (c), and be able to provide the. What is your k plan (c) responsibility and liability? Abstract: While the a-5 notice is primarily intended to benefit participants, it can also benefit k .