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What Does Terminal Cancer Mean

A terminal illness is a disease or condition which can't be cured and is likely to lead to someone's death. It's sometimes called a life-limiting. Terminal illness or end-stage disease is an incurable disease that cannot be adequately treated and is reasonably expected to result in the death of the patient. This term is more commonly used for progressive diseases such as cancer or advanced heart disease than for trauma. Management - Medications for terminal - Medical care - Psychological impact.

Cancer that cannot be cured and leads to death. Also called end-stage cancer. This guide can help a patient cope with a diagnosis of terminal cancer and make the best of his or her remaining time. Well what does this mean if its incurable surely its terminal, surely she has more than months to live? This is all very scary and sudden and.

Needing larger doses of drugs has nothing to do with being unable to withstand pain, nor does it mean that you are a complainer. The body can. Discrimination between advanced cancer and terminal cancer is that there is a shared definition of language regarding the cancer stage. Regardless of the situation, the health care team will provide the best care possible through the end of life. And, they will do everything possible to ensure that.

I'm a little confused, I understand it's incurable but what does that mean for her and could it be classed as terminal cancer if it's incurable and.

You might not experience all of these feelings and, if you do, they will not necessarily come in any particular order. Whatever you feel, you do not have to go.