Sasha19990_0 / 15.12.2019

Purse Blog What Your Handbag Says About You

What Your Favorite Bag Brand Says About You. Let's celebrate National Handbag Day with a little bit of good-nature ribbing. By Amanda Mull. Last year for National Handbag Day, I went about reading my handbag tea leaves to figure out what your handbag choices say about you.

No one buys a handbag for no reason. There has to be something about the bag that speaks to you, something that reflects back at you.

Not only can the right bag change an outfit, but it can make you sit up a little straighter, smile a little brighter and have a better day. I'm good.

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A Birkin bag can say a lot about a job applicant or employee: primarily, a materialistic girl) with whatever else your work product says about you. on the excellent site, PurseBlog (pictured above) — it is a gorgeous purse. You may be a little bit surprised to hear this, but the way you carry your handbag says a lot about who you are and type of personality you have. A Zara Bag That Everyone Has Seen But No One Can Place - You just know that this is the year that your style blog is going to take off.