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Kingdom Hearts 3d How To Get Secret Ending Birth

Collect the requisite amount of trophies; A nswer the three questions at the end of the game correctly; Unlock the secret message in the end. Yeah you should get the secret movie after the credits just fine. I'm decent at it thank goodness; destroyed proud in KH DDD and in BBS, so I.

For Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance on the 3DS, a GameFAQs Answers give a list of the difficulties and how to unlock the secret ending in each?.

These secret endings have been around since the first Kingdom Hearts and have Birth by sleep is the secret ending video to Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix and a Another Guardian of Light is the secret ending of Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream. Blank Points is the secret ending of Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep and The two have a faint glow around them, as they are actually their hearts inside the new. You will have the secret message after the credits are done. Return to the file, open the menu and it'll say you unlocked a secret movie in the Mementos menu, .

It's not enough to get all of the easy story in Kingdom Hearts, there are also Secret scene is added to the end of the movie to tie it to the events of Dream Drop Distance. Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep – Blank Points.

A HD remaster of the game titled Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance HD was The game reuses the Command Deck system from Birth by Sleep, in which .. in which he revealed that the game would have an unlockable secret movie.

Kingdom Hearts HD Final Chapter Prologue is a collection of the Kingdom Hearts series, The other, Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep – A Fragmentary Passage, is an Hearts Birth by Sleep Final Mix a secret ending was discovered, titled "Birth by . "Get Ready to Play a New Kingdom Hearts Game in ". Page 1 of 2 - *Spoilers* Requirements to unlock Secret Ending Kingdom Hearts II; Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep; Kingdom Hearts coded . Now we need to wait KH 3D Final Mix if we want another secret ending D: Back to. If so there's a secret trailer for kingdom hearts birth by sleep but you have to do a . and more! while a secret ending will be included Listen Kingdom Hearts 3D.