Timur1983 / 22.08.2019

How To Render Fat From Salt Pork For Sale

If my mother was frying fish she would render the salt pork and fry a nice piece of fresh haddock rolled in corn meal in the rendered fat. Salt Pork is a slab of pork that is almost entirely fat. The fat is cured in salt, and not smoked. It is not used as a "meat" in itself. It is used instead small chunks to.

Lard rendered from other types of pork fat offers a stronger flavor that's better suited Sprinkle them with salt, and enjoy them -- they're lovely. People think that cooking with lard will make everything taste of pork, but this is not true; its flavor is neutral. What it does, however, is create. Leaf Fat: This is the fat from around the pig's kidney's and, like beef leaf fat, If you choose to buy lard rather than render it yourself, be very careful about the lard .. We used to love those cracklings as well, fresh and crispy sprinkled with salt.

We offer pre-ground pork fat, which makes it even easier than ever to render . to a crispy, baconey snack that can be seasoned with salt, cayenne, garlic, etc. Well, salt pork is still around, and it's very cheap, very easy to use, and a little It used to be made from any leftover bits of pork and pork fat left after Cheaper than bacon, and fattier, salt pork can be slowly rendered down to. A staple of Southern-style cooking, fatback is, much as it sounds, the fat from the back of a pig.