Gladiator96 / 05.12.2019

How To Get Uu Matter Tekkit

If you want Diamonds, it is better to use 5 UU-Matter to create Gold Ore. Then macerate them into Gold Dust then smelt them to make 4 Gold Ingots Then use the Philosopher's Stone to make them into a Diamond. Its cheaper than the Glowstone/Condenser trick by 1 UU- Matter. Mass Fabricator - Iridium Ore - Scrap. Inserting Scrap in the bottom slot of the Mass Fabricator will speed up the process of creating UU-Matter by up to 6 times, the duration of which is shown in the GUI. It takes 1,, EU to generate one UU-Matter, or , with Scrap. Many items can be crafted with UU-Matter.

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Acquirement and Usage. It can be created by using Mass Fabricator and used to create other items. There are many recipes and still some are unknown.