masterben / 16.08.2019

How To Fold Jeans Flat

13 Nov - 4 min - Uploaded by TheNotoriousKIA READ ME!! Greetings all, welcome back to my channel! I'm coming to you guys today with a. 26 Aug - 5 sec StepsEdit. Smooth out the pockets. Hold the jeans upright and shake once or twice. Fold one.

Packing hacks for sweaters and jeans that will save room in your luggage. Lay the jeans flat and fold in half lengthwise. 2. Lift one pant leg. Folding Jeans. Lay jeans flat in front of you. Fold left leg over the right. Fold in the crotch. Fold over the bottom toward the waist leaving an inch of space. Fold inward until jeans stand upright. Tip of the Day Thursday-Fold Them Jeans Fold Jeans Four Times It might feel like .. Hannah Betts desperately needs her help sorting out her messy, full flat.

I say all this because I've done my fair share of folding shirts and pants and even underwear. My husband, on 1) Start by laying the shirt flat on a hard surface. When you're ready to start folding, spread your jeans flat on a table or bed with the fly facing you. Then fold so that one leg is on top of the other. Place them on your folding table and smooth flat with your hands. To create the cleanest folding lines, you'll need to fold the crotch of the pants.