AlexDudanov / 22.04.2019

How To Change Gear Oil In Gy6

How to change the oil on a chinese scooter. Changing engine and transmission oil in a GY6 engine. I use a quality 90wt gear oil in my scoots. I change it at miles and then every miles after that. I get it in a bottle with a pointed spout so.

Hey, just curious as to how much gear oil will go in? .. in it, its kinda pricey but you can change the gear oil like 4 times with a 20$ bottle of it. Buy Maxima Scooter Gear Oil - ml Tube: Gear Oils enough to fit for the next gear oil change other than that this scooter gear oil is awesome. Transmission fluid change cc GY6 and Under Engine Tech. I have seen others on here using 80/90 gear oil. These are the questions I.

Gear Oil Change for the cc Honda Clone Engine (10” rear wheel). Gear box oil changes are simple and easy. This should be done every other time you. No more filling your transmission oil with your wife's or mom's turkey baster or laying your scooter on it's side. Makes changing your short axle to much easier. Engine Lubrication. 4. How to change the Engine Oil. 5. Drain Engine Oil. 5. Fill Engine Oil. 5. CHAPTER 2. CVT Gearbox Lubrication. 6. Drain Gear Oil. 6.