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Best Game Shows Answers

26 Oct - 13 min - Uploaded by Jared Hine My favorite picks of stupid game show answers. I don't own the copyright to these video clips. 18 Sep - 6 min - Uploaded by WatchMojoUK People on game shows say the funniest things! For this list, we're counting down the most.

33 Funny Game Show Answers In Case You're In Dire Need Of A Good Ol' Eye Roll. Although it may have been a while since you were sick in bed with nothing. Game show questions can be pretty hard, but these people weren't thinking at all when they gave their answers. They may not have won, but they'll sure make. Here are some hilarious quiz show moments that even Joey Essex would be ashamed of: Bob: "No, I'm sorry, I'm afraid the actual answer was 'leap'. Your Plums that might just be the best thing to have occurred on radio.

People say some weird stuff when put under pressure. Please Enjoy All Of These Game Show Answers That Made Me Laugh, But . The 22 Best Reactions From Steve Harvey On "Family Feud". Game shows are, often unintentionally, the funniest content on TV. From Freudian slips to genuinely clever comments, contestants keep both the audience and.